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You can listen to the following examples directly by clicking the play-button (depending on the type of your browser you may have to click twice). According to the speed of your connection this can take some time.
By clicking the button "Download" you can receive the file as MP3 and save it to your disk. If you prefer a high fidelity format we are glad to send you a sample CD by mail.


Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Piano Quartet F minor op. 2 IV Allegro molto vivace (ending) Download
Salomon Jadassohn
Piano Quartet C Minor op. 77 III Adagio (beginning) Download
Robert Schumann
Piano Quartet E flat major op. 47 II Scherzo: molto vivace (ending) Download


These examples are taken from a CD record, which can be ordered online at the website of Kamprad Edition.